Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to take your business to a new level

There are many reasons why your business might not be growing at the rate you would desire and sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes by experts who have been starting, growing and boosting businesses for over 40 years. Throughout the years our team of business consultants have gathered knowledge and experience from different industries all over the world.

Management Consulting

Our experts will overview your company's operational systems, marketing strategy and financial situation to eliminate limitations and find new synergies with the aim of growing.

Process Optimization

We will go through all the manual processes, in order to create an automation by adding software tool to automate the processes in a cost and time-effective way to make your company scalable.

Growth Strategy

Our experts evaluate your existing business model, create a customised strategy and build a brand identity that will boost your business and speak directly to your ideal target.

Product Packaging

Our team will compile the most viable package from the services or products of your business, based on previous market research, customer surveys and pricing analysis.

Legal Services

Whether you want to start a new company in Spain or Sweden, manage the administration or create bullet-proof agreements are our legal experts are here to help you.

Financial services

From setting up bank accounts to everyday accounting and helping your way through the Spanish tax system, our financial advisors guide you in the right direction when making financial decisions.