The hashtag has taken over the world of social media

The hashtag has taken over the world of social media and has become indispensable for your post to show up in different categories and be discovered. It has even been proven to provide higher levels of engagement than posts that have no hashtags.

Unless your account has a big followers count, you need to be using hashtags to reach the right followers. Here are some ways you can improve your hashtag strategy on Instagram.

Use all 30 hashtags

The more tags are used in a post the more it will be seen. The best practice is to use 10 big (over 100k), 10 medium (between 100k and 50k) and 10 small hashtags (less than 50k). Using this strategy makes sure your post doesn’t get lost in the big hashtags where a new post is added every few seconds.

Don’t repeat hashtags on every post

The Instagram algorithm can detect using the same tags over and over as spam. One simple solution is to have a list of 15 hashtags that you use in every post and then mix it with different tags related to your post. This way you don’t have to come up with new tags every time you post.

Finding the best hashtags to use

One way to find new good hashtags to post is to check the top post for a more popular tag. Then you see what other tags are being used that are related to your business and post.

Therefore, using all hashtags possible, mixing them up and checking popular hashtags for new ones are a couple of ways you can update your hashtag strategy on Instagram. This is a very time-consuming process as you need to dedicate extra time to your social media profiles, but if done correctly and consistently it’s worth all the efforts.

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