Chatbots are a software that uses a chat interface to simulate conversations over the internet. As mentioned in a previous post, they are predicted to become more prominent in 2019 and what better way to start the new year than by adding this service to your website!

As a form of artificial intelligence, chatbots are expected to become more relevant. Especially in the business world because it helps improve users web experience. Using chatbots can benefit your business in the following ways:


Customer Support

Texting Preference


Chatbots can be available 24/7 and assist with customer interaction around the clock. This means that your customers can get information at any moment without having your own employees spend time on it. Another advantage is that you can also program it to answer automatically. This is particularly useful for questions about your services, location and opening hours.


Clients appreciate having customer support at hand. By customizing the message provided for different situations, you can adjust your chat function to attend to your clients’ needs.

Chatbots can assist with the following actions:

-Help your clients find the product they are looking for

.-Get information about your services.

-Assist them throughout the purchase process.


Nowadays, it’s more frequent that people prefer to text rather than to call. Therefore, by having a chat on your website you can easily communicate with those who are hesitant to call. In those cases, chatbots provide your clients with all the information they need, as well as encouraging them to make a purchase or book a meeting.


-Collect information.-Easy set-up.-Brand personalization.-Managing large volumes of requests.-Human like interaction.-Cost reduction.

All said and done, there are so many providers offering a ready to use program. Chatbots are becoming easier and easier to add in your business allowing you to save time and money!

Are you ready to start using chatbots? Let us know!