Nowadays everyone has least one social media account that they use daily and with Instagram boasting an impressive 500 million active daily users, it seems like the perfect place to present your business to potential clients. One of the most challenging aspects when starting out is building a reputable following. This very reason is why we are sharing with you today our top 3 ways to start growing your account.

Quality Content




Quality content will distinguish you from other pages. When a user sees good content, their interest is piqued and they probably will give your profile a visit. Once they are on your profile page, they want to see clearly who you are and what you offer.

It’s undeniable that beautiful content attracts users. Spending some time curating your feed to achieve a cohesive image for your brand is worth the time and effort. This is because it gives a more serious feel to your page and users feel more confident about what you have to say.

Great content comes in a variety of forms. You can post your own images, use stock pictures or get a photographer to take great photos for your brand. Another way to have content is to post videos. These are a great way to capture user’s attention as well as posting them to your stories as a way to highlight content and let your followers know whats going on with your brand.


Hashtags are an essential when posting to Instagram as it helps people come across your posts. Instagram allows up to 30 tags but it’s up to you to decide how many and which ones you want to use. Your best bet is to create a few hashtags that are specific to your brand and to use a few general tags that are related to your content and business.

Some tips to have in mind is to not use hashtags that are too active as you will end up going unnoticed. You should also spend time checking that the tags you are using are relevant to your content as they could be popular for a different crowd of people.

Geotagging is a great addition as you can target people in a certain area. Tagging your location helps you become more relevant in your area. As a result it can help you convert followers into customers.


Getting the timing right helps people find your posts. Thanks to Instagram insights, it is easy to see when your followers are most active. Posting at just the right time maximizes your exposure to the people who follow you. In addition it also makes it easier for new people with similar habits and interests to start following you.

There really is no best time for posting to Instagram. Insights is a great tool to use to get to know your followers but it’s different for everyone. The more you grow your following the more you will get to know about their behavior. This translates into being able to reach the more followers.

There are many ways to get followers, but these are the most basic ones to have in mind when wanting to grow organically. There is no secret formula to success. It takes time for you to start getting noticed, but how long it takes depends on having the right start and approach.

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