What, when and where to post can sometimes be a little puzzling. We want to make it easier for you to decode the posting mystery. This way you can start your social media career with an advantage.

Choosing the right network

How often to post


It’s very important to know where your customers are online and for you to create your own presence there. Posting everywhere means that you are dividing your efforts. Therefore, if it’s not reaching the right people then it can seem like your hard word is being wasted.

The three most used networks are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are good places to start but don’t forget that there are many other platforms that could be better suited for your niche.

It’s best to do some research about who your potential clients are. This will help you figure out where they like to hang out online and how to capture their attention.


To show your followers that you are an active business you need to post frequently enough so they don’t forget you exist. An active account shows that you are willing to connect with your clients and dedicate time to the smaller areas of your business.

When it comes to how frequent to post, it depends on the platform in question. On some of them you can post multiple times a day and in others it’s best to post just a couple of times a week.

There is such a thing as posting way too often. If you post too much it starts to look like spam. In consequence, it makes your followers feel saturated with the amount of posts you publish. Like It was mentioned in the previous point, it all depends on the network you are using. Therefore, you should make sure to try out a few ways to discover your optimal posting frequency.

In conclusion, by just remembering to choose the right network for your audience and adjusting your posting schedule to it, you should find success when creating a post to share. Furthermore, make sure to check your insights and try different times to figure out what works best for you. And remember, it may change from day to day. If you need help with your social networks check out our services page!