As the year is coming to an end, let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent social media trends 2020 has had to offer. This year has exceptionally been very different from any other year we have seen. From lockdowns due to a global pandemic, social distancing and doing almost everything from home. Social media has definitely been that lifeboat that has kept us connected throughout this difficult year.


Staying Connected

This year has certainly made all of us rethink how we do a lot of things, the business that did not have an online presence have quickly shifted to having one, jobs found a way to keep their employees working even from home. Hashtags such as #stayathome and #thankyouheroes have been used to inspire and uplift the masses during the pandemic. Celebrities and influencers have been using Instagram and Facebook live to keep the spirits of their fans up and as means of communication to the rest of the world. These features have all existed before but were not used as much as they have been this year.


The Rise of Video

This summer Instagram introduced reels, a series of short videos of 15-20 seconds. This has been inspired by Tiktok as it’s one of the biggest video platforms that is currently trending. These short video content are used for entertainment, advertising and sometimes information. People are not interested in very long videos anymore so this prompted the popularity of these short. Straight to the point and entreating videos, they are vertical videos, as they are made for social media. Zoom has made an even bigger name for itself in the last few months. Universities, companies and schools have all been using this platform. Meetings, classes and, tutorials have become digital thanks to this video call platform.


Stories and Online Shopping

Almost all social networks these days seem to have stories that disappear after 24 hours, but did you know they originally started from Snapchat then other social networks gradually followed suit. Most recently LinkedIn has added the story feature to their app, this will be great for business and job seekers. Online shopping has been around for a long time but not everyone is fond of it. This year the numbers of online shoppers has skyrocketed! So much so that Instagram has permanently added the shopping icon. This just goes to show not only the impact and change this year has had on all of us but the growth and innovation it has led to.


It has definitely not been the easiest year for all of us, after the storm, there is always a rainbow. What did you think of this year’s social media trends and contributions? Let us know in the comments below!