On the 14th of January the team of Rexuniversal in collaboration with Enrich Lifestyle Magazine and Puente Romano group organized a Tim Storey seminar in Marbella. The famous life coach of celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr. and Smokey Robinson came from LA to give one of his life changing seminar, for the first time here in Marbella. The seminar turned out to be a success and filled Puente Romano conference room with people from different fields of life. After the seminar, some participants had a chance to enjoy an exclusive dinner with Tim Storey at the Nobu restaurant.

Tim’s intense energy and fantastical storytelling skills have been praised by people like Oprah Winfrey, but you really need to meet him to feel the one-of-a-kind power he carries within himself. Today, the Rexuniversal team has made a little summary of Tim Storey’s seminar in Puente Romano resort for those of you, who couldn’t make it to seminar.

Firstly, Tim believes that there are people with two different mindsets. There are the ones, who believe that nothing is miracle and the ones who think that everything is a miracle. So, at the end of the day it’s your decision to have a miracle mindset. But what does that really mean? Above all, it means that you see magic and miracles even in the darkest places. We all have our own problems, but don’t let the negativity change the tone of your life. As Tim says:

«Don’t be afraid of the mess but stay magical! The mess is going to come anyways, but it’s up to you to feel the magic!“

Tim Storey’s secret recipe

Furthermore, at the end of the seminar Tim shared his secret “dream life” recipe with the participants. Here it is:

  1. PLOW
  2. PLANT
  3. WATER

In order to one day harvest your dream life you need to first plow your land aka work hard. It doesn’t matter what job you currently have what matters is how you do it. Act like you enjoy it and play for the pain! After that, it’s time to plant the positive seed. The seed is to have a plan for your future – what is your final destination. Once the seed is in the ground and the plan is set, it’s time to water and nurture the plant that is growing into your dream life. Give it water and all the nutrients it needs, like surrounding yourself with the right people.

“Partner with people, who have the same mindset and power and remember, that you are only one conversation away from a great life”.

After you have plowed, planted and watered, it’s time to harvest your dreams.

What is it that you want to harvest in 2019? Do you want to start your own business? Or take your business to a higher level? Climb Kilimanjaro or write a book? Let us know in the comments, what you will harvest in 2019!

PS! Due to high interest and positive feedback from the participants the Rexuniversal team will help to organize another Tim Storey seminar in Marbella this year!

Stay tuned and stay magical!