Today we have all the information and entertainment we could want at our fingertips. Newspapers, magazines, books and advertising campaigns are all accessible on our smartphone or tablet. With this advancement comes a new wave of doing business and advertising. The question now is do you need Instagram reels and TikTok to grow your business?

What Are Reels/ TikTok?

Comparable to TikTok videos, Instagram Reels allow you to record, edit, and add music or voice-overs and share a short video of a maximum of 30 seconds. Instagram Reels, key functionality is constructed on the much-hyped video app TikTok. Like most social media platforms today, they tend to have similar features. Tiktok allows users to produce and share videos. The simplified editing tools including, background music, effects and viral challenges have subsidised the app’s dramatic rise to fame.

Short video content has become increasingly popular in the last year. Brand influencers, celebrities and individuals have all jumped on this train. At first, it was utilized as a way to stay connected with the rest of the world during the lockdown, but soon it gained traction as a marketing tool.

Trends & Going Viral

Instagram and Tik Tok both have almost similar algorithms. The usage of hashtags is very important to reach your targeted viewers. Appearing on the explore page has to be the ultimate goal when trying to go viral or gain a wider audience. When your content gets reposted on to your story or someone else’s it helps boost the chances of reaching more people. On Tiktoks it’s not just the hashtags but using audio that is trending or outperforming in a viral challenge.
Having Brand awareness is also something that can aid in knowing exactly what type of content to create. Focusing on a niche guarantees standing out in the masses of influencers and other brands.

Content Creation & Collaborations

Using both Instagram Reels and TikTok can be a lucrative strategy to boosting views and reaching more people. The same videos that you use on your Instagram Reels can also be used on Tiktok and vice versa. This increases visibility and brings in possible collaborations.

The content generated by any business is paramount to the type of viewers they want to attract. When collaborating it is important to make sure that your values, principles and overall image match the business. When it comes to gaining new customers or viewers, collaborating with a business/influencer that has a completely different niche can immensely aid in bringing in new clients and increasing brand awareness. In any business or brand, you may be associated with, these platforms pose endless possibilities.

Handling social media platforms and knowing what works for your business can be challenging. That’s why at Rexuniversal we can help you get started and manage your social media every step of the way. Get in touch today to start your business social media journey
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