2018 was a big year for Instagram. It kept surprising us with a steady stream of new features, big and small.

To start off the new year, we have put together a list of all the features that Instagram added to its app last year and that your business can possibly benefit from .




Profile & Feed

New Algorithm

Other features


This is considered by many as Instagram’s biggest release last year. It has its own app but it can also be accessed directly from an Instagram account giving users a more permanent platform to post longer videos.

IGTV has become a new way of sharing content and engaging with followers, as well as catering for the up-and-coming popularity of vertical videos recorded directly on users phones.


Instagram seems to be an ever-evolving app. Throughout the year, Instagram has been releasing one feature after another related to making purchases. These features have helped closing the gap between product discovery and the final purchase.

Now you can add shoppable tags to stories and feed videos and save products directly to a shopping collection. Some brands have even added a shop section to their profiles to group together all their shoppable posts.


2018 brought a bunch of fun features to stories, such as the emoji slider, question stickers, a countdown feature, music, GIF sticker, as well as improvements on its functionality by letting us adjust story dimension, change type mode, improve focus mode on camera, sharing feed photos on stories and being able to upload stories in bulk.


Instagram now allows you to add searchable tags and links to your profile. This makes it easier for people to discover your profile as well as being able to link your website.

The app also gave us the ability to mute stories and accounts from our feed. This makes it feel less cluttered and manage the time we spend on the app better.

Finally, Instagram has started to show us recommended posts on our feeds as a way to help you discover new content.


Instagram’s new algorithm focuses on improving users’ experience, especially its feed. A few years ago, Instagram switched over from a chronological feed. Since then it has been trying to improve what posts people see on their feed. Instagram prioritizes posts from friends and family as well as posts you are most likely to find interesting. The aim of this is to prevent people from missing out on the posts that are the most relevant to them.


  • Filtering comments.
  • Being able to video chat and send GIFs in direct messages.
  • Creating a close friends list to be able to share stories just with them.
  • Creating a nametag to make it easier for others to follow you.
  • A new explore page with the ability to discover by topic of interest.
  • The “About this account” feature that gives you all the basic information such as when the account was created, the country of the account, name changes and ads that the account is currently running.

With so many new additions added in 2018, it’s hard to keep up with everything. Did you miss out on some of them? What new features would you love to have available on Instagram? Let us know about it on our contact page!