In an era where everyone is tech-savvy and all about social media, there’s bound to be countless trends evolving persistently. Let’s take a look at some of the trends and movements that keep growing and what to expect in 2021. 

Live streams and video conferences

Social distancing, lockdowns and restrictions have become the current normal. With these things still in place, humans are continuously searching for a connection. A way to feel closer to others, a way to bond and communicate. Live streaming has become a very popular way of reaching out to fans, consumers and the general audience. Since the pandemic begun numbers in live streams have soared to great numbers. These live streams have helped celebrities stay relevant to their fans and companies can continue making sales. In the corporate and academic world, video conference calls have continued to create a platform for classes and meetings.

Accessibility to information

The world we currently live in is very fast-paced, time is so precious and new things come and go at the blink of an eye. Information and news are very valuable. People want to have access to information that is easy to consume, and they do not want to read through endless pages or watch long documentaries. As a result, more content creators are making short informative videos, podcasts, IGTVs and YouTube videos. Voice-activated searches have also gained popularity such as Alexa/Siri. Information that is easy to consume has also lead up to more people listening to audiobooks as they can listen to while doing other tasks. 

Influencers and Marketing

Since the internet became more accessible to everyone e-commerce has grown rapidly. This prosperous stream in the eCommerce sector is also thanks to strategic marketing and partnerships with influencer’s boosting consumerism. Traditional sectors such as pharmaceuticals and groceries have now shifted towards social media marketing as well as offering home delivery services and more. Human-driven content by influencer’s during their live streams has generated profits for various companies they tend to be in partnerships with. influencers would promote their favourite products during live streams where their audience can directly buy them.


Our planet is the only place we live in and therefore we should do our best to preserve and protect it. Going green and sustainable living is not a new term to most it has been around for a while, but now more people are practising what they preach. In some industries, it has been harder for them to change their way of doing things, while others are growing businesses from fully being ecological. This year we should see an increase in more green brands and campaign’s throughout. More fast-food chains and restaurants are using biodegradable packaging, recycling and printing reminders on their items about going green. In the fashion industry, there are various brands already gradually introducing categories of sustainable materials. Some fashion brands are fully dedicated to slow fashion which is more sustainable for the environment than fast fashion. This year is all about immense and greener changes.

What are your thoughts on these trends for social media marketing in 2021? Let us know in the comments below.