The summer season is just around the corner

The summer season is just around the corner. In a time when we are socially distant in real life, it is normal for people to look for connection through other means, like social media, where you can be social digitally. Many of us are wondering what is going to be trending this summer on social media.  

In this blog post, we are going to name a few things you should be paying attention to in the following months:

Meaningful connections

Community building between brands and their followers seem to be now more important than ever. In a time where we are socially distant, people are turning towards social media platforms to stay connected with not only friends and family but also their favourite brands. Followers want brands to be more authentic and to create a more personal relationship with the brand.

Video content

Year after year, video content continues to rise in popularity on many social media platforms. Video content is taking form through Instagram stories, live videos and TikToks. This last one especially has been taking off in recent months. Videos provide followers with content that is easier to digest and engage with than a simple photo.


Influencers are being put under a microscope and micro-influencers, especially those with less than 25k followers, seem to be having a bigger influence on social media due to the fact that their followers trust their opinions more. Micro-influencers have an easier time gaining their followers’ trust and tend to recommend products and brands they believe in. Their posts also provide more meaningful engagement.

Summer is almost here and it looks like it is going to be different than any other summer. Creating more video content, building a community with your followers and paying more attention to micro-influencers are some things to focus on this summer season to be up to date with your social media strategy.

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